School Life
החיים בבית הספר

Tehiyah After-school Program (TAP)

The Tehiyah After-school Program (TAP) is available for all children who attend Tehiyah Day School. TAP provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can play, relax, engage in homework, and enjoy a healthy/organic snack.  The philosophy behind TAP is to provide a balance between structure and flexibility, and to foster self-esteem, confidence, creativity, humor, compassion, empathy, responsibility and initiative.

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After-school Enrichment Classes

After-school enrichment classes are available for an additional fee.  The instructors provide the classes at Tehiyah over three quarters throughout the school year.  In the past, classes have included Art, Mad Science, Yoga, Karate, Dance, Drama, Music Ensemble, American Sign Language, Gymnastics, Jewelry Making, Musical Instrument Instruction, Judo, Chess, Cartooning, and more.

Tehiyah Lunch Program

The Tehiyah Lunch Program (TLP) provides delicious, nutritious and kosher lunch for all of members of the Tehiyah community.  All lunches are homemade, using organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.  Tehiyah’s kitchen is nut- and seed-free. This year there are options for gluten-free, lactose-free, and egg-free meals.  There is fresh fruit, vegetables or salads every day.

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School Bus

Bus service to and from Tehiyah is available to families living in Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, and points south. Parent volunteers assist in coordinating bus service and serve as bus monitors each day at the bus stops. This year, TransMetro will be providing bus service.

Students may request bus buddies who are volunteer “veteran” Tehiyah students.

Timberwolves Middle School Athletics Program

The Middle School athletics program is designed to promote opportunities for confidence building for all student athletes at all skill levels. The program fosters fair play, sportsmanship, team spirit, team building, and friendly competition. The ultimate goal of our program is for each student athlete to have fun while working together with the team to achieve a common goal.

The athletic program offers flag football and soccer in the fall. The winter term consists of girls’ and boys’ basketball (varsity and junior varsity levels), as well as cross country. Volleyball is offered in the spring.

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