Our Mission – יעדי בית הספר

Awaken. Build. Connect.

Tehiyah Day School is a Jewish community school committed to
Awakening intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of Jewish identity
Building a culture of thoughtfulness and ethical behavior
Connecting learners to their community, the world, and their best selves

Our Values

  • Community – קהילה (Kehillah)

    Tehiyah promotes a strong sense of קהילה (kehillah)- community and  רוח (ruach) – spirit. Together we build a school that is nurturing, inclusive, and diverse – where each individual is able to express their best and most authentic self. We prepare our students to make the world around them a more compassionate, just, and peaceful place (תיקון עולם)- Tikkun Olam).

  • People of the Book – עם הספר (Am ha-Sefer)

    At Tehiyah, we foster each child’s innate curiosity and creativity while cultivating critical thinking and compassion. We place the written word, inquiry, and in-depth study at the center of Jewish values.

  • Connection to Judaism – עם ישראל (Am Israel)

    Tehiyah inspires its students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life, to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism. We foster a commitment to the State of Israel, its culture, language, history, and land.

  • Respect and Acceptance – כבוד (Kavod)

    At Tehiyah we instill a culture of integrity based on the principles of דרך ארץ(derekh eretz) -thoughtful conduct, חסד (chesed) -kindness, and רחמנות (rachmanut)- compassion. We nurture mensches.

Our educational priorities

  • Ensuring that students internalize what they study through project-based education and multiple pathways to learning
  • Providing a place to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, and a lifelong educational foundation for the whole person
  • Creating a safe, nurturing and pluralistic Jewish environment while at the same time challenging our students’ intellects
  • Enabling each child to develop Jewish literacy including joy and pride in Jewish identity and respect for differences in the breadth, beauty, diversity, and resilience of Jewish observances.  As a Jewish community day school not affiliated with any single movement, Tehiyah Day School creates a contemporary Jewish experience in an environment that provides equal learning opportunities for all students.
  • Teaching Hebrew and thus providing our children with the means to form a strong connection to their heritage.
  • Bringing to life what our students learn in Judaic Studies and in Hebrew. To this end, our eighth-grade class is given the opportunity to participate in a class trip to Israel.
  • Helping students become responsible, compassionate members of our community and of the world.
  • Fostering and promoting academic excellence and creative expression in both General and Judaic Studies.