Judaic Studies
לימודי יהדות

Judaism shapes Tehiyah’s calendar and resonates throughout our school with meaning and warmth.

We take delight in our celebrations of Shabbat and the festivals of the Jewish year.  At the same time, we recognize that many threads contribute to the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition, and seek to convey the breadth, beauty, diversity, and resilience of that tradition.

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T’fillah & Brachot
תפילה וברכות

Judaic Studies is a major component of Tehiyah’s program, encompassing the holiday cycle, t’fillah -תפילה and brachot  – ברכות (prayer and blessings), customs, history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, music, dance, food, art, and literature.  Students also become familiar with the Torah cycle and, as they mature, increasingly more sophisticated in their study of texts and Jewish ethics.